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I'm Rick Olaf Holman, a designer & front-end dev based in the U.S.
Making the internet and life in general look cooler is part of my passion. Wanna work with me? Send a message or keep scrolling for more on what I do.


About Me

I've been passionate about technology and art all of my life which helped me gain professional experience in Web Development, Design, Print, Animation and many other Digital Marketing related services. The bulk of my experience has been in developing customized user-friendly websites with WordPress and creating motion graphics/animations using After Effects & Animate CC.

Web-Friendly Animations

Lightweight, cross-compatible and smooth animations that play in your browser created using Lottie. Lottie gives designers the freedom to create animations using After Effects and export them into animations useable natively on mobile and on the web.

Mograph & Editing

Motion graphics is animated design with purpose that directs the viewers eyes where they need to be and deliver necessary information to express the point of a video. Need a video edited and branded? Custom lower-thirds, animated characters, objects and visualized data to fit your idea.

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